Small Group Icebreakers, Topical Curriculum

Hot Seat – Discussion Wrap-Up

This is actually to be done after your small group discussion.

Have everyone sit in a big circle with one person sitting on a chair in the middle – the “hot seat.” That person takes on the role of someone you've talked about in your small group discussion. If there has been some kind of talk or drama or story, then they can pick someone from that. The student in the hot seat has to really try to be that person. They have to try and hold themselves like that person and speak like that person. Not in voice but in what they say.

The people in the circle then have to ask the person questions and they have to answer as the person they are.

It's a good test to see if they've been listening! The person in the hot seat eventually tells the others in the circle who they are portraying if it hasn't been guessed yet.

The point: Helps students retain the information they just learned.

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