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Everything That Makes Me Beautiful

This is an opener for a discussion/Bible study with girls regarding sexual purity.

Shoe box/container (Fill the box with everything that girls would use to “make them beautiful” …nail polish, necklaces, bracelets, perfume, good smelling lotions. But make it all your best stuff. I brought all my good stuff from home.)

Place the box filled with as many things as possible on a table where you will be having Bible study. Start off by telling them that these things are all the things that you use to make you beautiful. Then pass it around the room, telling them if they want to try anything on they can or use the lotions, perfume and put on the jewelry if they want. Then as the box is getting passed around conduct your study. (If it is a small group you could pass around the box two or three times.) At the close of the study you should have a half-way empty box. Then this is the kicker:

    Talk about how this box represents us, and everything that makes us beautiful is given to us by God.

    But when we go into relationships, even if they’re not sexual, we give away what was meant for our husband (our heart or body). I can't ask for my lotion or my perfume back any more because it has become part of those that put it on. Now what I have in front of me is used and things are missing. When we go into relationships, we give away the things that God meant for us to give only to our husbands. So now this is what I have to give him (showing them the box).

    God wants us to save everything/all of ourselves for that special one that He made just for us, so then on our wedding day everything/we'll be new, unused (with the shinny plastic still on).

Also, know that it is a fact that some students have already been sexually active or given part of themselves away physically. We need to not alienate them or shame them and make them feel there is no hope…they've already failed so they might as well give up. That's simply not true. Make sure and talk to them about God's grace and the forgiveness we have through Jesus. You could say something like this,
    “Jesus doesn't care about how you walked in here today…but He cares how you leave. You can leave today, a different person. You can, from this day forward, commit to waiting until marriage. You might feel like you have gotten away with everything until now… but next time might be the time you make a decision that has very permanent consequences. Don't let that happen. God's got much better things in store for you…He's got great things in store for you.”

Idea by Melody


Jonathan McKee

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