Stupid Skits



This is a prank skit. This skit takes almost no practice but the trainer needs to remember his lines fairly well.

1 Trainer
1 volunteer (good sport)
8-10 people to be the centipede

Sleeping bags or large sheets to cover all 8 people.
Large pitcher to cold water
Crazy outfit for the trainer
Every person under the sleeping bags should wear shorts that come above where the sleeping bags ends. It works best if everyone holds the shoulders of the person in front of them to keep them in order. The last person in the centipede has the pitcher filled with water.

SKIT: The centipede is hidden from sight at the beginning of the skit.
Trainer: comes running out very excited “Guess what! I’m the best animal trainer in the world! I have found the largest centipede in the world and have trained it to do tricks!”

Trainer: gets a serious look on his face “Everyone here will be the first to be amazed by my centipede’s tricks. My centipede’s name comes from a long line of centipede names. His name is….Centa! Now be amazed as I call Centa out here for everyone to see”

Trainer: whistles “Here Centa, here boy”

Centipede walks slowly onto the stage

Trainer: “OK Centa lets show these people what you can do! What do you say?”

Centa: front 2-3 people shake ‘head’ no

Trainer: “Awwww come on Centa, I will give you a treat if you do your tricks, Ok?”

Centa: shakes ‘head’ yes

Trainer: “OK great! LetÕs start off slow, I want you to raise your left leg.

Centa: Everyone but one random person raises their left leg, the random person raises their right leg.

Trainer: “Centa your other left!”

Centa: everyone switches legs even the person doing the wrong leg.

Trainer: Walks up and taps the leg that is wrong “Centa you need to switch this leg”

Centa: switches leg

Trainer: Excited “See isn’t that wonderful!!” smiles and jumps up and down (the goofier the better) “Now Centa do the wave”

Centa: does the wave by having the first person kneel down a little and come back up then everyone else follows suit

Trainer: “Amazing, just amazing! I have 2 more tricks for you today. Centa I want you to show them how you can dance.”

Centa: sways back and forth, make this funny!

Trainer: Wipes ‘tears’ from eyes “that is just breath-taking.” Composes self “For this last trick I need a volunteer.” Looks over audience and picks the person that you are doing the trick on. “You there come here. I want you to lay down right here.”

Volunteer lays down

Trainer: “For this last trick I’m going to have Centa walk over this person without touching him! OK Centa walk!”

Centa: Starts to walk over the person. As Centa is starting to step over him have the person with the pitcher let a small stream of water pour out. When it is the person with the water’s turn to step over the volunteer have him dump the water all over the volunteer.

Trainer: “OOPS! I guess Centa-peed!”

Have the trainer make a break for it so the volunteer doesn’t kill him.

The centipede then walks off the stage.


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