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Would You Join Me?

My phone buzzed and there was a message asking us to come to pray for a dying grandfather.

I actually was aware of the situation already. Earlier in the week a Vice-Principal at the local high school had sent me an email about two brothers – Scotty and Chase – he knew we worked with and he was concerned about them. Their grandfather had been recently diagnosed with stage four cancer and the boys’ parents had moved the grandfather into their home to live out his last days. The school simply wanted to keep us in the loop – knowing that we had become a resource to the community, especially when dealing with tragedy. The family had attended a local church for a while, but with sports, commitments, and an overall lack of desire, they had dropped out.

What an honor it was to stop by the home on Friday and pray for Grandpa Henry.  The family gathered around his in-home hospital bed as he fought for every breath. While Henry was not lucid enough to engage in a discussion of the Gospel we were able to share of God’s mercy and grace as family members surrounded the bed. My ministry partner Michael and I shared the hope that we have and that God had sent His Spirit to guide and comfort us. We didn’t get any sense that Henry knew Jesus, but his grandsons did and wanted us to share it with their family. We know that this is the role of the church, yet I’m reminded that MOST students are not in church.

We all have the distinct opportunity of taking the church to the schools, incarnationally (is that a word?) as we step onto and get involved with our local schools. 

Henry died on Saturday morning, just a few short hours after our prayer time. We’ll now walk through these dark days with his family and with God’s help get to share more about Jesus and the hope that only He offers to the entire family.

Today I have the opportunity to visit two campuses during their lunches and meet new students. Perhaps God will intersect me with another Scotty and Chase and in the future I may have the chance to care for another broken family and with God’s grace perhaps reach another lost student. Would you join me?


Rob Maxey

is a 20-year youth ministry veteran who has worked full time for Campus Life for the last 14 years. He serves on two campuses weekly and runs several campus ministries both on and off campus in partnerships with local churches. Rob has been interviewed several times in Jonathan's podcasts on and Jonathan drew from his expertise throughout his book, Connect: Real Relationships in a World of Isolation. Rob serves on the national Campus Life team at Youth for Christ USA.

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