Team Builders

Video Parables

Supplies: Video camera for each team.

You could turn this activity into a full blown event. But for the purpose of teambuilding, this is a great activity that can fill up to two hours (45 minutes to an hour for filming, and then time to watch each video).

For this activity divide your group into teams and give each team a video camera. The object is for each team to film a parable from the Scriptures. Each group member must have at least one speaking role in the film. At the end have everyone meet back together to watch each groups’ film. Serve popcorn, snacks, drinks, etc.

(If this is run as an event, you could have an Academy Awards ceremony, complete with trophies and weepy speeches by the group members at the end. Orchestra “award” music is a plus.)

Idea by Lance Cameron Kidwell

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Jonathan McKee

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