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To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo?

I had a question, and was looking for your opinion on – Tattoo's, I had a student ask me about them, and me being a person of 2 tattoos, was maybe looking for someone else's opinion on the subject. thank you inadvance for your time.




I think that anyone that has a tattoo is going to Hell!

Oh… you have one? I meant…. everyone EXCEPT you!!! 🙂

I think that this new generation is definitely wearing more of them than any past generation… so everything is changing. What might have been the case even 5 to 10 years ago might not be the case now. I know the whole “ear ring” thing for guys used to be pretty novel…a huge issue for some people.
But now it's barely questioned.

Tattoos used to be very much “Look at me!” But now it's almost no more “look at me” than a haircut or jewelry… but permanent. (I'm wondering what everyone's going to think of these tattoos in 30 years)

But here's the bottom line: Why does someone want it?

I know when I got my ear pierced in college (when I was in college it was a bigger deal… not everyone had one back then)… I tried to explain pure motives for doing it. I told my parents and myself every noble reason in the book. But the bottom line was really: “Look at me!”

II Corinthians 4:5-7 says that our focus should be on “Look at Christ” not “look at me.”

That's the main piece of advice I offer.

The other piece is unique for girls and that is about the location of the tattoo. I'll be honest… the little tattoo in the lower back/upper butt is a bull's-eye for guys eyes. I think girls need to be really careful about what they communicate. Not only is that saying “look at me”… but “Look at me right here!” I remember in the preview for the trashy film “Wedding Crashers” … Owen and Vincent were joking about a girl's tattoo in that location and what it communicated to guys. They verbalized what everyone else was thinking. It's not something I would want on my daughter's back.

That's my honest two cents… I hope that helps.

God Bless,

Jonathan McKee
The Source for Youth Ministry


Jonathan McKee

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