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By Thom McKee

It seems like every day on the Walking Dead should be treated like it is the last day in the world. But even in their universe, some days are just worse than others. And the day that they were all facing on tonight’s episode was just one of those where clearly, not everyone in Hilltop was going to see the next sunrise.

So during this episode, which ended with the beginnings of “all-out-war” with the whisperers, our characters spent a lot of time getting their affairs in order.  Eugene set a date with the girl who, may or not be who she said she was on the radio. Rosita and Eugene also seemed to clear up any misunderstandings about their relationship.  Carol made up (as much as she could) with Daryl and had a meaningful conversation with Lydia.

But probably the most telling clue that things weren’t well, was what happened between

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