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By Thom McKee

Have you ever been betrayed in a way that makes it difficult for you to trust anyone?  And if you have been in a place where you don’t trust, has it been hard to take risks with other people?

If you answered yes to these questions, you aren’t alone. Nothing erodes trust like betrayal. And, when you have a hard time trusting people, it is very hard to have healthy relationships with people. It is also hard to take chances, because you always fear that betrayal will happen again

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by Thom McKee

Years ago I had a very interesting conversation with an American who was sympathetic to the Irish Republican Army. Now, most of you probably don’t have very strong opinions on the IRA, especially since there has been peace in Northern Ireland for over two decades now. But it certainly didn’t used to be that way and I know this first hand. So my reaction to this IRA sympathizer was not so great.

My perspective is a little different because I lived in London in 1991 when the IRA

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