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Staff Guy Wants To Be A Ladies' Man


I am a youth director outside of Washington DC. I just finished up my first year at this church. There has been an “issue” that got brought up. One of my volunteer leaders is a little bit to affectionate to the girls in the youth group. Nothing like sexual harassment or anything like that, but girls have expressed they don't feel comfortable around the leader. I realized that the old youth director who was here forever either did not set suitable leader requirements or guidelines dealing with students of opposite sex, and now I am paying the price.

I understand that I desperately need to set some guidelines. But, I am looking anywhere for stuff to hand out at the leaders meeting I have called to go over what I expect a leader to be. I didn't know where to look, and I come to your site for a lot of great stuff like games, talks and stuff like that. So, I thought you could maybe be of service. Do you have guidelines, rules, requirements of leaders.

Tony, Washington D.C.



Thanks for the email. First, I'd like to say that I was not trying to be affectionate, I just naturally … oh … you weren't talking about me?


Seriously. I'm glad to hear your desire to take action and require character out of your staff. I spoke at one too many youth groups with issues like you discussed.

Good timing- because on my LOGISTICAL CRUD page. I have sample Staff Guidelines sheet that I gave to my staff to read and sign before working with students. It goes over those very things. FURTHERMORE, I also cover that again in my screening guide, asking them about that very topic. Take a peek at those sample pages.



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