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I don't have any money for a staff retreat!


I am a youth minister in FL. I am wanting to have a weekend with my leaders where we get away and have a time of worship and fellowship, but my problem is I dont have any money. I dont get much money from the church because we are so small and don't have it to give, most things are fundraised or paid out of my pocket. What is it I can do to make this happen. I want to take care of them but dont have the resources. Please help if you can.

Chris, North Port, FL



Thanks for the email.

No money, huh? Ever thought of multi-level-marketing?

Just kidding. Seriously though, I understand the frustration. When I started in youth ministry, I started with a non-profit organization where I had no money, no staff, no meeting place and NO KIDS! So I hear you. BUT, don't ever say you don't have any resources. You do. You just need to discover them.

You have a few choices:

1. Talk to your church about a youth budget. Youth ministry is a priority. Presenting this case takes research and hard work, but it's worth it.

2. Budget in the black. As you do events in the year- do them with your annual budget in mind. Know that you need to break even on your events and maybe even make some money on a few. This gives you a budget to work with for other needs like staff training and scholarship accounts.

3. Fund raise. Yep- send out letters to people you know who have a heart for ministry, letting them know about your situation. Let them know that they can make the difference in the life of a kid. If you can find 10 people to contribute $25 dollars a month . . . add it up.

Hope that helps.

God Bless,



Jonathan McKee

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