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How can we involve the men's fellowship group in our church with our youth?

The leader of our men's fellowship has asked the youth leaders for some ideas as to how we can involve the Men in our church with the youth. Do you have any ideas?


Brad… thanks for the email.

What an awesome situation to be in. That's great when someone in the church comes up to you and asks you how they can help. I wish that happened in every church! 🙂

The quick answer is… find a “one time” way that they can be involved serving in the youth program– a one time opportunity to help out in some small, fun way. And make it something good, where they have an opportunity to see something exciting happening in your ministry.

For example: my buddy has a fall kick off event he's doing in a couple of weeks. He's booked a special band, speaker, activities…. etc. This kind of event takes all kinds of volunteers to be security, serve pizza… you name it. This is a great opportunity for men's ministry to get involved.

I talk about this fact in my first book (THE TOP 12 RESOURCES…) and in a couple articles on my web site. This is a great recruiting principle. (Because let's face it, we'd all like some more volunteers, right?) This is an awesome opportunity to give a lot of these men just a small taste of what you're doing. So plan on using their help, with a few minutes set aside that night to walk around and talk with some of the men and ask them what they think. Let them know how glad you are for their help. Learn some faces and names so you might be able to talk with them later in the year about getting involved.

Check out where I talk about this in my articles- pop on my web site and click on the left hand side bar where it says I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO… Once you're on that page, scroll down to the article about recruiting volunteers. Because this situation you're in is ideal. (I also have another article on the site about keeping volunteers… also worth a peek)

Hope that helps.

God Bless,

Jonathan McKee
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Jonathan McKee

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