Team Builders

Dream Car

Supplies: Markers and Flip-Chart-sized paper for each group.

Divide the group into equal numbers (usually best with groups of 50 to 80, but you can adjust accordingly for other size groups). Optimum group size would be 10 groups of 5 to 8 people per group.

Give ALL the groups a black “Marks-A-Lot” marker and a sheet of paper from a flip chart (or any large sheet of butcher paper).

Have 5 of the groups, (half), draw the BACK side of a car going left to right. (The tail lights should be on the left.) Have them design their dream car. Load it down with all the extras they can dream up or imagine.

Have the other 5 groups draw the FRONT side of a car going left to right. (The head lights should be on the right.)

After about 10 minutes, pair up a “front” group with a “back” group, taping the cars together. Note: Instruct all groups (backs and fronts) to draw on the papers in “landscape format” or so the widest part of the paper is left to right. This will help later as you put the cars’ backs and fronts together. Also, it would be helpful if you gave rough guidelines or pre-drawn “penciled” guides as to how large they should draw the car so the cars match up better.

Have each group name their car (like Ford named one of their cars “The MUSTANG”) and come up with a sales pitch for the car. Each group will need a spokesperson.

Hold up the completed cars (taped together) one at a time and have the spokesperson explain why their car is so valuable.

It's AMAZING to see what groups come up with.

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