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We may achieve things in our own efforts, but it’s only through God that we can be wholly sufficient for the things we were created to achieve. During this discussion we look at the top song on Billboard Hot 100 Chart, "Old Town Road." Considered a country/rap hybrid song. It originally caught fire on the video sharing app TikTok...
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Relying on the harmonies of the four group members, the unique sound of Little Big Town produced The Daughters, a country song that details the special challenges girls and women face due to societal expectations. The song focuses on the different expectations placed on females and draws some conclusions based on those expectations. The reality of why each of...
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"God Only Knows" talks about the brokenness we all face and points out how God knows us and is actively present in the darkest parts of our lives. It also raises the issue of how impactful it can be when we make the choice to be image bearers of God to those around us. The song is a way...
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The idea of following your heart is widely known and understood throughout this world. In some ways it is simply a cliché meaning that we should pursue the things we are passionate about. In other ways, it implies that we inwardly know the right direction to go and we should listen to our inner desires when making choices. Is...
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The lead single from Pink’s latest album, Walk Me Home is a relationship focused song. In the song, Pink is carrying some burdens, and looking for a person to spend the night with to distract her from the outside world. Her inner and outward struggles provoke discussion on whether or not the one night stand is going to help...
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Kacey Musgraves wrote Rainbow to inspire hope in the midst of adversity. In the song she points to the rainbow as a symbol of better days to come. This raises the question of whether or not it’s enough to point to a symbol, or is the value of that hope in what the symbol points to? The rainbow has...
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In the song Millionaire, Grammy award winner Chris Stapleton sings about the value of relational closeness over material wealth. Few would deny that love is valuable, but have you ever considered that love might be worth more than anything this world has to offer? In this discussion we will talk about how love can make anyone feel like a...
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