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Instructions: Divide the group into two teams. We did this as a boys vs girls challenge which always seems to amp up the competitive spirit. Teams send up one contestant at a time to compete. Contestants will hear a famous event or occurrence in history. They have to write down the year in which they think the event occurred. The team who is the closest to the correct answer wins a point for their team. Give a bonus point if they guess the year exactly. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize. Give the winning team a sweet prize like pizza or McNuggets.

1. What year did the Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock? (1620)
2. What year did Neil Armstrong land on the moon? (1969)
3. What year did Michelangelo finish painting the Sistine Chapel? (1512)
4. In what year was President Barack Obama born? (1961)
5. In what year did the Buffalo Bills lose their first Super Bowl to the New York Giants? (1991)
6. In what year was the movie “The Lion King” released in movie theaters? (1994)
7. What year did Johannes Gutenberg first use a printing press? (1439)
8. What year did the Civil War begin? (1861)
9. In what year did California become a state? (1850)
10. In what year was the Statue of Liberty completed? (1886)
11. In what year was the first World Series of baseball played? (1903)

Contributed by Dan Manns


Jonathan McKee

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