Stupid Skits

Where Did You Come From?

Setting: A movie theater.

Set up at least two rows of chairs and fill them with students (who have already rehearsed the skit) to play movie-goers. It helps to have at least two rows of kids, but you could have more.

Use a screen in the room to act as the movie screenÉ you could even start a movie so it really looks like folks are watching a movie in the skit.

Feel free to use movie popcorn buckets and soda cups to make the setting appear as true to life as possible.


    All lights are out and the movie is not yet playing. When house lights go up, audience should see the movie goers watching their movie. The only catch is, there is a guy writhing in pain in the aisle of the theater. He moans and cries for help, tries to stand but falls again, moans more, etcÉ

    Actors who are watching the movie try to get the person to be quiet because he/she is interrupting the movie.

    Actor 1: (To the guy moaning in pain.) Shhh!

    Moaning Man: (With pain) Sorry, could you please help meÉIÕmÉowwwÉ

    Actor 1 ignores the moaning man. Moaning man continues to moan in pain.

    Actor 2: (from somewhere in a different row) Could someone get that guy down front to shut up? HeÕs ruining the movie.
    Moaning man continues to moan.

    Actor 3: (politely as possible to the moaning man) Sir, I see youÕre in pain but could you please be quiet. IÕm on a date here.

    Moaning Man: (cries out) ÒOhÉit hurts!Ó (continues to moan and grunt and mumble.)

    The movie goers whisper (loudly to one another) about how rude and loud the guy on the floor is. Finally, an actor in the front row speaks to moaning man.

    Actor 4: Shoot man! YouÕre a lot of trouble! Where are you from anyway?!

    Moaning Man: The balcony.

At the punch line house lights should go out and hopefully youÕll have laughs!

Idea by Young Life


Jonathan McKee

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