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Snowball Tag


This is a fun game that allows everyone to be a part of the action. Here’s how you do it.

Clear the room, a little – just enough where your students can run around some. Then make a big pile of aluminum balls in the middle of the floor. (Make sure to ball them up prior to the game, about the size of an actual snowball, and if you want to make it even better, spray paint them white!) The number of “snowballs” you need depends on the number of students you have. Try to have at least one “snowball” for every 4 students.

As you go to play the game, choose 3 students to be “it.” Their job is to run around flinging “snowballs” at the other kids who are trying to keep from getting hit. If a student is hit with a “snowball,” they must freeze in their tracks and not move at all. The only way they can be unfrozen is to be tagged by someone who has not been hit.

The game is over when/if the 3 “its” freeze all of the players, and thus win, or when the time limit, of your choosing, comes to an end.

NOTE: This is a high energy game that’s a lot of fun, but can be a little dangerous if you don’t use your head. Speaking of heads, you need to outlaw “headshots.” Simply say that if an “it” hits a player in the head, the player is still safe. That’s a warning to “it” though. If the “it” does it again, he/she is out of the game.


Jonathan McKee

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