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Q-Tip & Food Coloring War


(Use a tarp if indoors). Have a staff person wear a plain white T-shirt. Draw a target on the shirt that is big enough to cover the front of the shirt. Divide into 4 teams, each with a different color.

Give each team an equal amount of Q-tips regardless of the number of players on each team. Also, give each person a straw (wide straws work best – McDonald’s has them; But make sure you ask instead of just taking). You also need a bowl or cup of water (about 1 cup of water per team) with enough food coloring added to color water well.

One by one students dip their Q-Tips in the bowl/cup to color the tip. Then they shoot their five “darts” (Q-Tips) at the target on the staff person’s shirt. It does not matter who shoots when as long as each person gets in their five shots.

The object is to hit the most points on the target.

Staff note: Make the target however you want in terms of points. Add up the total points or # of hits. (You may just put a big (+) across the front making 4 different quadrants, one for each team and score it by how many times a team can “hit” in their quadrant. 2 points if they hit their own quadrant and 1 point for hitting someone else’s quadrant.)

Items needed:

    • Old white T-shirt (they’ll need to be thrown out after this event!)
    • Enough Q-Tips for each kid to have 5
    • 4 different food coloring colors
    • 4 cups or bowls
    • 4 one cup measures of water
    • Drop cloth
    • Tape to tape a firing line on the ground

Also see Q-Tip War (Click Here), which is a simpler and cleaner version.


Jonathan McKee

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