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Mr. Mumbles


This can be done with any amount of people, but the more the better. Have them sit in a circle. Everyone must suck their lips in, or to act as if they have no teeth so that when they talk and you can’t see their teeth. Then one person starts and asks their neighbor, “have you seen Mr. Mumbles?” then the receiver says, “No I have not, let me ask my neighbor”. This continues on around the circle. It gets hard, because it sounds funny but you can’t laugh. The point of the game is not to show your teeth. If teeth are shown from anyone, they are out. So keep watch on all the kids.

This game is also fun if you have 1 or 2 kids who can elaborate the story with something like “have you seen Mr. Mumbles? He’s got gray hair and walks with a cane” etc. This makes it a bit funnier.

Students are out of the game if they show their teeth OR if they laugh when their neighbor is asking them if they have seen Mr. Mumbles.


Jonathan McKee

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