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Herbie: Fully Loaded (10/25/2005)

Rated G

Directed by Angela Robinson III

Starring Lindsey Lohan, Justin Long, Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon

Herbie Fully Loaded was truly loaded with fun.

I’m not talking Academy Award winning material here . . . I’m just talking good family fun.

There are two types of “family” films. A-The ones that are fun for the kids, but painful for the adults. (Sponge Bob the Movie) . . . and then B-Those that are actually fun for the parents too. (The Incredibles, Finding Nemo) Fully Loaded easily makes category B. Mom and Dad will like it too.

Even better, Fully Loaded is NOT loaded with sexual humor, innuendo and foul language. Check out the rating . . . yes, it’s truly G. You don’t have to edit out any scenes or cover your kids’ ears.

Maggie (Lohan) is the first one in her family to actually graduate from college, instead of being a race car driver. But her heart has always been at the race track. Unfortunately, Dad (Keaton) won’t allow her to race in fear of her safety. Then enters Herbie, the car with a mind of its own. Herbie drags Maggie to a race, giving her a taste for the driver’s seat once again. One thing leads to another and Maggie and Herbie are headed to NASCAR.

Fully Loaded will make you laugh in the traditional “Three Stooges” sense (or “Home Alone” . . . for all generation X and Yers). It also adds a little romance between Maggie and her friend Kevin, played by Justin Long. Keep your eye on Long. Right now he’s only got a few movies under his belt (the Jeepers Creepers films, Dodgeball . . .), but he’s in five upcoming films and is quickly becoming a recognizable face to this new generation—not hurt by his appearance at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards.

NASCAR fans might enjoy the film as well. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson have a pretty amusing cameo and some of the film was actually shot at the California Speedway during the pace laps of the Target House 300—a NASCAR Busch Series race, and the Pop Secret 500—a NASCAR Nextel Cup race.

I brought the whole family to see Fully Loaded, and no one was disappointed.

Yes, of course. Nothing objectionable in the film at all. Some people might catch a subtle innuendo- when Herbie sees another cute bug, he gets excited and his antennae goes up. Some teens might interpret that sexually, but most kids will miss it.

A great film to show your family or youth group!

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