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I'm A Youth Worker Who's Not Being Fed At My Own Church


I'm a new youth director and my wife and I are not getting fed at our church. I don't get the support that I need and I seem to attract critizism and grief! I don't want this to sour my taste for youth ministry but I think it is beginning to. What should I do?

Thanks and God bless,

Joe, Michigan, USA



Thanks for the email.

First, you're not alone. In my city there is a youth network where youth workers come together to share with and support one another. I hear the frustration you shared all too often.

Don't give up. Find yourself some support. See if your city has a youth network. Jump on and click “Find a Network Near You” on the left hand menu. Look up your city and you'll find other youth workers who want to network. Meet other youth workers and try to connect with them, possibly developing a support group of fellow youth workers.

Also try to develop relationships with other couples in your church. Hopefully there are at least a few couples your age that you can get together with or invite over for dinner. Hopefully you can develop some great friendships with people in your congregation.

Develop a supportive staff team. As you develop a group of volunteers who work with youth, you'll build relationships with them. Sometime those staff people will become great friends and supporters of your ministry.

Lastly- remember I Corinthians 15:58. Your work is important. God is using you there. Don't let others discourage or distract you from changing lives forever.

Hope that helps.

God Bless,
Jonathan McKee
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Jonathan McKee

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