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Water Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag with a water twist! Instead of simply tagging people or pulling flags off a belt, etc. use the Alka-Seltzer method!

Make a badge on the arm of every player like this: wrap a strip of duct tape around the player's arm (t-shirt sleeve), place an Alka-Seltzer tablet on the tape and add two more strips above and below the tablet, so that it is still visible but held on the person's arm by the tape. When your water war badge gets wet- you are out and must go to the “medic tent” to get a new one (medics need to have towels to dry tape before applying new tablet to badge!) Play capture the flag on a large open field, with a “medic tent” replacing the jails.

All players get Super-soakers, and when your tab breaks off or fizzes out you must go to the tent, take a 3 min. break and get a new one.

HINTS: Make sure your playing area is not too big, so that players get soaked quickly. If you have people with hoses guarding the flags, the game is more fun. Also make sure you have refilling stations with faucets for the super soakers. Water balloon launchers can be cool too, but be careful. They tend to knock kids of their feet, without getting them wet.

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Jonathan McKee

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