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Fountains of Fun


Items Needed:
4 buckets (two filled with water, two empty)
4 plastic cups, each with 3 holes punched in the side.

How to Play:
Form 2 teams of equal numbers. Have a starting line (where the filled buckets are) and a finish line (where the empty buckets are). Team members, taking turns, race to fill their empty bucket by filling their cup and racing with the cup held over their own head. They will get WET!
The game ends when the 1st bucket is empty. Team with the most amount of water in the originally empty bucket wins!
You cannot plug the holes with your fingers.
To make this harder, add more holes.

Team members pair up and must go twice to the empty bucket. They must hold hands and with the cup held over the first partner’s head. The second time down to the empty bucket, the cup must be held over the 2nd partner’s head. Now hand it off to the next pair on your team.

Added by Sheila Kitzmann

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