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Flashlight Dodgeball


Works best in a large gym. You need a few soft (nerf) balls and as many flashlights as you have people, if possible.

With all the lights turned out, give everyone a flashlight. The flashlights must stay on at all times. The person that is “it” gets the dodgeballs, BUT NO FLASHLIGHT!

“It” has to stay in the center circle and throws the balls at everyone else moving around. Have staff people patrolling the area fetching balls and bringing them back to “It”.

The object of the game is to not get hit with the ball. If someone gets hit with the ball, touches the ball or kicks the ball when they are not “it”, they become tagged and have to sit down. Students can use their flashlight to spot the person that is “it” or point out someone else that is hiding- but lights ALWAYS have to stay on. The last one standing is the winner.

Added by Ken Ferguson

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