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Does the word “students” annoy you?


I am listening to Doug Fields at the moment about hurts and he keeps referring to young people as students and it's really, really annoying me! I was just wondering…why do you call young people 'students?' Does it mean that you only work with university students?


Kent, England



Wow. I never realized someone could be annoyed by the word “students.” Maybe you'd like my seminars. I always just call them “stupid little punks!”

Seriously, sorry you're annoyed, but I use the word “students” a lot too. The fact is, kids have to be in school until age 16-18 anyway, and one word that seems to work describing them is the word “students.”

I know in my ministry I've had kids that don't like being called kids, teens, youth, etc. So the word “students” usually seems to work. And you know what they say, “If it ain't broke . . .”

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