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Circle Chase


You can play this game with any number of people, but if you have a large group, break them up into several groups spread out around the room.

Ideally, each group will have 10 students in them, 5 on each “team.” Have one team form a TIGHT circle facing outwards. Then have the second team form a circle around the first team’s circle facing inward. Hand a ball to one member of the inner circle. Then give a student at the opposite side of the outer circle a foam sword or pool noodle.

The object of this game is for a person on the outer circle team to “tag” the person holding the ball with using the foam noodle. NO ONE CAN MOVE AT ALL…students must PASS the ball and sword from one to another! When you say go, the outer circle tries to “catch” the person holding the ball by tagging them with the foam sword. The inner circle tries to avoid getting tagged by passing the balloon around the circle, and out of reach of the outer circle team.

Give the outer circle team one minute to tag the inner circle team. If the outer circle team succeeds, give them a point. If the inner circle team survives for one minute without being tagged, give them a point. After the first round, switch it up making the outer team become the inner team, and vice versa.

Set a score to end the game on (5 points), or depending on how long you want the game to go. Enjoy!

1. You cannot hide the sword or balloon behind your back.
2. You must pass both the sword and balloon to the person immediately next to you. No tossing either object across the circle.
3. You can change direction, or hold the object, but realize you only have one minute.
4. Everyone must keep both feet planted firmly to the ground. No pivoting or leaning. (This avoids taller people from having too big an advantage.)
5. If either the balloon or sword is dropped the person who dropped it must pick it up. However, the game does not stop when someone drops the ball or sword!


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