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This is best with two male adults. Dress one in drag w/tons of makeup. The actors don't speak but they act as their thoughts are read from off-stage. They are at the end of a date about to leave each other.Scene Options: A couple is sitting on a couch. A couple is seated in the front seat of a...
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Always a crowd pleaser, this simple skit will open any meeting and draw all attention toward the stage. Your volunteer actor is the key!The stage is empty except for one chair center-stage.Props Needed: One chair a strobe light a banana Soundtrack from 2001: A Space OdysseyYou will also need a volunteer to turn out the house...
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Here is a great skit for leaders or students who really like to act and even memorize lines. This one takes a bit of practice because as the two characters feed off of each other's stories, the exaggeration gets more and more contrived.We like to use this skit as an opener for discussions focused on telling the truth or...
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This skit is short and easy to pull off. It requires only 3 actors (the Main Monk, Monk Monotony and a sign carrier) and one prop (a large sign which reads "ten years later").It's a good skit to use as an opener to a discussion about complaining. The skit lasts only about 2 minutes and even if kids don't...
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Stupid Skits

Sex Skit

This is a very short skirt that works well as an introduction to a discussion about God's vision/purpose for sex. The patient in the scene is a guy who clearly thinks about sex all the time. You might transition immediately into a group discussion by asking, "When does it seem like everyone is thinking about sex?" or "Do you...
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Excessively silly actors will make this skit hilarious. The announcer must be prepared with a script which includes the introduction to the match as well as a list of sumo wrestling moves. The wrestlers never actually touch each other. Instead, they do to themselves what true wrestlers would do to each other. Make sure you prep your volunteer actors...
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Characters:Wolf and Little RedSupplies:Little Red's costume: Red rain coat or red scarf or red blanket A basket covered with a kitchen towel (inside the basket is a starter gun--a gun that makes a pop sound but only shoots blanks) Wolf Costume: All-black outfit You will also need a blanket to cover granny/wolfStage:Because the scenes change as Riding Hood skips...
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