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Looking for some sermon outlines you can use? You came to the right place. Here's a bunch of free resources you can use.


Jesus Restores Life

Jesus has a reputation for restoring people’s lives. He did it for others; He can do it for you.

The Celebration of American STUFF: by Jonathan & Tom McKee

Thanksgiving is an American tradition that is especially meaningful for the Christian because it gives us an opportunity to change our focus from our prosperity to God.

Hulk vs. Nehemiah ... Dealing with Anger: by Jonathan McKee

Jonathan tackles anger and how to deal with it. Take a peek at how Nehemiah dealt with his anger compared to how society today tells us we should react!


This link provides the outline AND the complete manuscript for a four week series by Jonathan McKee, author, speaker and president of The Source for Youth Ministry. This series is called Jesus Face to Face, a series of talks focusing on Christ and his encounters with people of His day.


This link provides the outline and complete manuscript for four sermons by Tom McKee.

Tom started Sun River Church in the Sacramento area in the 1980's, a church that grew quickly to over 3,000 members. Tom learned from one of the great speakers and teachers of this century, Dr. Haddon Robinson. Tom's sermons are crafted in a clear format that impacts audiences with the truth of the Word. But to me- Tom is something much more. He's my father. He was my pastor while I was growing up in churches in Illinois and California. The following are sermon series that he preached during his years in ministry. Take a peek at these expository messages full of great stories and illustrations.

Read more about Tom McKee on his web page:


Check out this fantastic database of illustrations where you can look up sermon illustrations by topic:

Keith Todd sends out regular emails in his list called "Sermon Fodder". You can browse through his archives and check out some of his past stories, humor and illustrations and sign up for his free humor list: