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Want to find a quality speaker near you? Jonathan McKee started the AFFORDABLE SPEAKER'S NETWORK because he found that many small churches could not afford to fly out a professional speaker. (If you're looking for a professional speaker- click here) Well, if you're in the U.S. and on a super tight budget, you can check and see if there is one of THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY'S AFFORDABLE SPEAKER'S NETWORK speakers near you.


Here's how it works. These speakers are not employed by THE SOURCE. They are just good speakers that Jonathan McKee is willing to recommend. Also, they have ALL agreed to fall into one of two affordable price brackets:
  • Yellow Network: These speakers would earn $500 a weekend, or $1,000 a week.
  • Red Network: These speakers would earn $1,000 a weekend, or $1,500 a week.
These speakers would pay for their own travel costs- because they would only travel within reasonable driving distance (up to 3 or 4 hours away). And you, the booking party would pay the above honorarium and acceptable room and board.


Look at the map below to see if there is a THE SOURCE AFFORDABLE-SPEAKER'S NETWORK SPEAKER near you. Click on the dot of a speaker near you.

(If you don't find a speaker near you, consider these national speakers ... they might be able to fit in your budget. CLICK HERE)

David Smith David R. Smith, Tampa, FL

"David is a 12-year veteran in Youth Ministry who regularly speaks at camps, retreats, and events. David now works for THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY speaking and training, as well as writing-developing resource & ideas. David is funny and he speaks in a language that kids understand. But more than that, David is genuine. Kids appreciate his authenticity and are impacted by his relevant message. David now trains youth workers across the U.S. through several of our training workshops. I strongly recommend him." Jonathan McKee


David Williams David Williams, Akron, OH

"If you're looking for a no-nonsense speaker who grabs students where they're at and hits `em hard with the Gospel truth, David's your man! He knows what students are going through and relates to them on a level they can understand. Tired of seeing this generation dying, hurting and hopeless, David relentlessly shares the love of Christ as a youth speaker in churches, schools, colleges, juvenile institutions, and camps throughout the U.S. David has a heart that longs for God and a desire to be used. He is in ministry full-time with his wife Terea. I recommend him." Jonathan McKee

Go to for more information about David's speaking ministry and to hear audio or see video of him speaking.

BOOK HIM AT (330) 688-4876 or email him at

Jonathan Herron Jonathan Herron, Saginaw, MI

Jon has spent the last decade speaking to thousands of kids around the country, and working hands on in youth ministry on staff at two dynamic growing churches: Oak Pointe in Michigan and NewSpring in South Carolina. With a background in improv-comedy and a graduate degree from Ashland Theological Seminary, Jon is passionate about communicating solid theology in culturally-relevant ways. Part of The Source for Youth Ministry's National Speaking Team, Jon is currently the lead pastor of Colwood Church in Caro, MI. More info including streaming video & audio of Jon speaking is available at his site:


J.R. Lee J.R. Lee, Acworth, GA

J.R. speaks regularly at retreats, conferences, and church events. He's funny and he connects with students. He has an incredible heart for youth and a deep passion to see this generation of students transformed for the glory of God. I recommend him. Jonathan McKee


Matt Henson
Matt Henson, Waterloo, IL

An energetic, dynamic, vision-casting adventurer for Jesus is one of the best ways to describe Rev. Matt Henson. Matt brings a fresh perspective and energy to the church and her ministry. He specializes in Youth/Young Adult Ministry, Evangelistic Preaching, and Mission Experiences, using his experience and passion to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ to all people. Matt is the Executive Director and Lead Evangelist for Living the Adventure Ministries, a ministry he founded in 2007. Living the Adventure Ministries is a nonprofit evangelistic and mission ministry "seeking to work for the transformation of the world through the awakening of the Church, evangelistic preaching, and Christian people putting their faith into action through mission experiences around the world." Matt travels around the nation and around the world as part of this ministry. Matt and his wife of fourteen years, Nancy, live in Albion, Illinois with their four sons.


Steve Holt
Steve Holt, Liberty Township, OH
(Cincinnati area)

Steve lives in Cincinnati Ohio with His wife Wendy, they have three children, Tanner, Hunter, Makenna. He has been a student ministries pastor and/or involved with non-profits for almost 25 years. His friends will tell you that he’s a fun loving, crazy, contagious communicator. Currently he serves on the board of Edge Teen Center, that he had the vision to start. When not volunteering at Edge, he loves to communicate the life changing stories of scriptures. He has a passion to help teens begin to figure out their God given gifts, talents, and passions so that they may impact the world they live in.


Andy Tilly
Andy Tilly, Argyle, TX

Andy Tilly is on staff at Cross Timbers Church based in Argyle, Texas as the Director of Student Ministries. Andy's mission is "to lead students to God's principles." His passion is to not only reach the lost but also challenge and strengthen the believer. Andy is the founder and speaker for the "Xperience it!" foundation and author of "The Student Experience." He also speaks across the country through Andy Tilly Ministries as the featured or key note speaker at many churches, camps, conferences, school assemblies and retreats.


Carl Nichols
Carl Nichols, Atlanta, GA

After years of youth ministry and speaking to thousands of students across the country, Carl and Julie Nichols recently moved back to south Atlanta to launch a new church. Carl is a great communicator, still traveling and speaking to students at conventions, camps, and retreats.

Book him at:

Micah Parker
Dr. Micah Parker, Riverside, CA

"Funny, direct, relates to youth well with his humor and blunt Biblical truth." Micah has been speaking nationally for the past 10 years and is the founder of TrustGuy Ministries. He is a former Division One Basketball coach and is currently the Athletic Director at California Baptist University. God allowed an adversity in his life to encourage him to share what it truly means to TRUST Christ with everything. He has a wide variety of topics that he has shared with groups that vary from small churches to youth gatherings of over 25,000.

BOOK HIM at (951) 215-0044 or through his web-site at

Shawn McBride
Shawn McBride, Washington DC

Pastor Shawn McBride grabs audiences with his creative style and relevant approach. He has the ability to connect with kids in a language that they understand, while bringing out the truth of the scriptures. Shawn has earned a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and also holds a Master's Degree in Counseling from the Capital Bible Seminary. He is the founder and senior pastor of the New Life Community Church located in Bowie, Maryland. In addition, he currently serves as the chairman of the Youth & Family Ministries Department at Washington Bible College where he also teaches as a professor.

Contact him at 301-806-0188 or

Paul Dabdoub
Paul Dabdoub, San Diego, CA

Paul is a passionate speaker with an edgy style. He's true to the word and communicates the message of Jesus Christ in a relevant way that keeps kids' attention. Paul has built several ministries starting with just a handful of kids to hundreds of kids excited about their faith. Now, Paul is a church planter in Ocean Beach - a retro, hippie, new age community in San Diego.

Book Paul at

Kyle Bloom
Kyle Bloom, Tulsa, OK

Using humor, relevant stories, and personal illustrations, Kyle creatively communicates the truth of God to a generation that is searching. Kyle is not only a dynamic young communicator, he is also the youth pastor and creative worship pastor at Abundant Life Church in Bartlesville, OK. His creative teaching style grabs kids where they're at and doesn't let them leave the same way they entered!

Contact Kyle at or 918-327-9149

Jerry Ackerman
Jerry Ackerman, Indianapolis, IN

Jerry Ackerman has been speaking to audiences of all ages for nearly ten years. His message of God's grace with "no strings attached" is a message he believes connects with anyone. Besides being founder of Jerry Ackerman Productions, and President of the Barnabas Project as well as Director of Jerry Ackerman Ministries, Jerry is an accomplished author including book titles Beyond the Five Senses and 8 Ways to Make Sure: How To Date the Right Person. His down-to-earth approach, humorous delivery, and story-filled teaching will draw everyone in to the message on his heart. You can learn more about his ministry, read reviews of those who have heard him speak, and view his online store at

Contact Jerry at

Grant Baldwin
Grant Baldwin, Springfield, MO

Grant has a unique ability to communicate truth in a creative and relevant way to today's generation of young people. He has worked with teenagers for almost a decade and regularly speaks at school assemblies, seminars, retreats, events and camps. Grant will cause your students to think and act on relevant issues such as identity, purpose, and leadership. His presentations will captivate with humor, innovate with creativity, and motivate with passion. You and your students will love him!

Contact him through his website or talk to him at (417) 350-2203

Jacob Gaines
Jacob Gaines, Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Gaines is infectious with his passion to communicate the Word of God in language that today's youth can understand. With 10 years experience speaking at conferences, camps and retreats across the country, Jacob specializes in connecting Biblical truth to students in relevant ways. He has led workshops at nationwide conferences on navigating youth culture so he understands how to relate to today's youth. Jacob is engaging and captivating using personal stories, humor and life lessons to make God's Word come alive. His deepest desire is to see students connect with a God who loves and to be equipped to share that love with a world in need.

Contact Jacob at or (626) 536-8014

Tony Wood
Tony Wood, Irvine, CA

Tony, the Teaching Pastor of Moment Christian Church in Irvine, CA, was formerly the Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church in Corona, CA. He has spent the past 10 years designing next generational ministry in both the U.S. and Asia. He was the Founder and Lead Pastor of Generate, a weekly midweek worship experience ministering to 2500 young adults. As a regular conference and event speaker Tony is known for a teaching style that embraces passion, change, second chances, and grace and feels blessed to pursue world change with beautiful wife Bre, three-year-old son Ethan, and two-year-old baby bear Peyton Faith.

Contact Tony at

Chet McDoniel
Chet McDoniel, Fort Worth, TX

If you're looking for a speaker to speak about self esteem at an event, Chet McDoniel would be one of my top choices. Chet was born with no arms and no legs, but Chet's disability has never gotten in the way of him achieving his dreams. From their unique perspective, Chet and his father Jim offer insights on what it takes to deal with challenges in life whether they are big or small, why God's not to blame, and how to see Jesus in everyone regardless of what they look like. Chet started as a Christian youth speaker when his dad, Jim, wrote a book about Chet's life. Since then, Chet and Jim have been able to tell this story in front of tens of thousands of people. They use humor and stories about Chet's life in order to make their point that God can use you no matter what you look like.

Contact Chet online, by email at, or by phone at (817) 879-7228

Chris Leader
Chris Leader, Raleigh, NC

Chris Leader is the Executive Director and Founder of Ignite Student Outreach and speaks to students all over the country about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. He is passionate about seeing young people come into a relationship with the Lord, and then see students go and change their families, friends, and campuses with the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a speaker that will connect with your students in a way that they will understand and respond to, Chris Leader is the speaker for you. He presents God's Word in a way that will make students laugh and think. Your students will be challenged to live a life worthy of the calling they have received.

Speaking Audio and media can be viewed @

Contact Chris at or by phone at 1-888-407-5125

Joel Strickland
Joel Strickland, Grand Rapids, MI

Joel Strickland is a youth pastor at Thornapple Valley Church in Hastings Michigan. In his ministry, called fusion412, over a hundred students show up each week to hear the message of Jesus Christ. He has been speaking to students for over 6 years and has a true passion for it. Joel comes with a lot of energy along with personal stories from his own life to present the love of Christ. Growing up Joel found himself going through some tough situations like losing his father to cancer. Through those times he has found a passion to help other teens get through the hard times in their own lives. Joel keeps current with kids as a high school basketball and soccer coach. If you would like to listen to Joel speak you can check out his Podcast here.


Tony Hevener
Tony Hevener, Orlando, FL

Tony is a 20+ year veteran of youth ministry. He has ministered and spoken internationally and has served on both Young Life staff and local church staff. From weekly youth meetings to camps, retreats, and rallies, Tony connects with students where they are at and challenges them to become more. His heart is for every student to know they matter to God. Tony is the founder of Life That Matters ministry, a coaching and mentoring ministry for youth pastors as well as the Director of First Priority of Central Florida.

You can contact Tony at 352-227-0258 or

Matt Maiberger
Matt Maiberger, Denver, CO

With over fifteen years of student ministry experience, Matt Maiberger brings a wealth of wisdom, relevance, and enthusiasm as he communicates God's Truth with students across the nation. His presentations are always full of fresh insights, unforgettable illustrations, and practical take-aways that keep students engaged and connected. As the High School Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, CO, Matt gets to live out his passion by helping students know Jesus Christ and grow into the leaders that God has called them to be.

Contact Matt at or (720) 308-5532.

Danette Matty
Danette Matty, Lincoln, NE

Danette Matty has been speaking to youth since big hair was in! When she's not speaking to teenagers, she's training youth workers as one of Group's National Training team, or working as a freelance writer for magazines like GROUP and Youthworker Journal. Her presentation is always dynamic, authentic and powerful. Danette is comfortable in front of both outreach and church crowds, cutting to the heart about what it means to trust Christ and follow him day to day. Danette also can speak on tough subjects like being a victim of childhood abuse, alcoholism, or rape.

She lives and laughs with her family in Nebraska.

Contact Danette through her web site or email her at

Leon Brooks
Leon Brooks, Houston, TX

Leon Brooks brings the truth with humor and power. With a background in stand-up comedy and a decade of preaching the Gospel, Leon has the unique ability to blend humor and sound doctrine. Using his hilarious life experiences, Leon challenges youth and young adults to live a life worthy of the calling of Christ. Leon is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and serves at Living Word Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas as the Young Adult Pastor.

Contact Leon at

Todd Leet
Todd Leet, Tampa, FL

Todd is a gifted communicator who has been speaking to young people, churched and unchurched, for the last decade. Todd got his start speaking to unchurched teenagers at a campus ministry. Todd's love for reaching out to fringe kids was only trumped by a love to see kids grow in their faith. Todd now works in the local church as the director of student ministries in a large church just outside of Tampa. One-on-one, in a small group, or in front of a large crowd, communication is what Todd Leet does exceptionally well. He can speak directly to where people are in life and give them fresh insight to put their trust in Jesus, and grow in their faith.

Contact Todd at

Adam Sauer
Adam Sauer, Little Rock, AR

With over 10 years experience in student ministry, Adam's passion of developing students who are fully devoted followers of Christ is the driving force behind his ministry. Adam is a gifted communicator and teacher, convicted about speaking the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ plainly, creatively, and relevantly. With the unique ability to intertwine teaching that helps not only reach the lost but also challenge and strengthen the believer, audiences are able to experience an event where they are met where they are, just as they are, and walk away with relevant truths to take back into their everyday lives. Adam is currently serving as the Lead Student Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Contact Adam at or


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