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Don Talley

Don Talley can be nothing but weak. His body is thin from the effects of an extremely rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. His voice is rough. Sometimes he even struggles to hold on to a microphone. Yet his ability to capture an audience is unmatched. His humor will break down the walls of diversity. His message of contentment will challenge any age group. "We live in a society which shuns weakness. I live for a God who empowers it." Don is a 15 year veteran of youth ministry who is currently the National Director of Campus Ministries for Youth for Christ. He has had the opportunity to speak all over the country at events, youth groups, schools and conference centers. You have got to check him out!

Don Talley Brings Motivation

Don's story of courage through some of life's most difficult circumstances is sure to challenge any audience.

"You brought a new meaning to my relationship with God and my friends."
Matt, age 18, Oregon

Don Talley Brings Laughter

Don has the ability to capture the attention of any audience with humor.

"You reached students in a way that I have never seen before. Your message grabbed their attention and wouldn't let go. Thank you for coming."
Peggy, 8th grade teacher, Kentucky

Don Talley Brings Experience

Don's eleven years of youth ministry and his ability to speak to any size of audience can give you the confidence that your group is in good hands. Don has spoken in schools, churches, outreach events and camps. he is comfortable in any setting.

"Don is a dedicated youth worker who shows a consistent passion to know Christ and to help others know Him. He is a team player... one I'm glad to have on our team!"
Doug Clark, Director of Field Ministries, National Network of Youth Ministries

Don Talley Brings Truth

Don Talley
Don's faith in God and His son Jesus Christ is at the core of his courageous story. Don will communicate this truth in a loving and relational way.

"Your message has already changed my life, and I know it will continue to. Realizing that God's grace is sufficient for me no matter what is the greatest knowledge I could ever have."
Eric, age 16, Idaho

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