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Candy Store Skit

Stage Set Up:
A candy shop. Use counters and shelves to place an assortment of candies about. Remember to place your Jelly Bean Jar on the top shelf!

  • Tins or plastic containers labeled “Jelly Beans”, “Gum Balls”, “Gummi Bears”, etc… (It’s easiest to cover a number of old boxes with white or brown paper and use a marker to label them as different candies.)

  • An apron for your old candy shop keeper to wear.

  • A cane for shop keeper.

  • Ladder for shop keeper to climb to top shelf for Jelly Beans. This ladder should be stored off stage.

4 young hooligan boys or girls.

Scene Script:Four guys enter the candy store that is run by an old man (bent over, shaky voice, beard and cane).
    Kid 1: I’ll have a dime’s worth of jelly beans.

    (The old man/shop-keeper notices that the jelly beans are on the top shelf and sighs heavily.)

    Shop-Keeper: Are you sure you want jelly beans? I’ve got great gummy bears right here…

    Kid 1: Nope. Jelly Beans please.

    Shop-Keeper: (He gets a ladder and with much pain climbs to the top, gets the jelly beans and comes down the ladder. He weighs a dime’s worth of jelly beans, screws the lid on the jar and climbs up the ladder to replace the jar. Giving “Kid 1” the small bag of jelly beans, he looks at the next kid and says…) “Next?”

    Kid 2: I’d like a dime’s worth of jelly beans please.
    Again, the Shop-Keeper sighs.

    Shop Keeper: Are you sure? This red licorice is nice. Or how ‘bout some chocolate pieces?

    Kid 2: I really like those jelly beans. I want them.

    (The old Shop-Keeper gets the ladder, and climbs up again. He counts out a dime’s worth, gives them to the kid and returns the Jelly Beans to the top shelf. Then he puts the ladder away and looks to the third kid.)

    Kid 3: Guess what…I love jelly beans. I was thinking about changing up to licorice for today. But maybe I should stick with what I know I like.

    Shop Keeper: Yea, sure. You should try the licorice for a change.

    Kid 3: Hmmm. Change scares me. I think I’ll go with the jelly beans. A dime’s worth please.

    Shop-Keeper:(Shop-Keeper moans and gets the ladder. He climbs up, gets the jelly beans. This time while he is up there, he asks the last person…) "I suppose you want a dimes worth of jelly beans too?"

    Kid 4: No.

    (The Shop-Keeper comes down and returns to the counter. He counts out a dime’s worth and then returns the jar to the top shelf, climbs down and returns the ladder to the off-stage storage space.)

    Shop Keeper: "Now, what do you want?” He asks the fourth kid.

    Kid 4: I want a nickels worth of jelly beans.

    (The old man/Shop-Keeper chases him out of the store with his cane, shouting.)
Original Idea by Young Life

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   Miley         5/2/2018 5:10:56 PM

I am expecting a baby and I am going to name it Kenna

   Gary Anderson         9/15/2014 8:47:04 AM

Our students loved this. Just make sure you don't let them hijack the candy before the skit.

   jim bob         7/28/2014 8:40:40 PM

Totally Rad

   Cobey         4/12/2012 11:54:41 AM

hahahahahah funny


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