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This event requires that each student bring 1-2 Nerf guns with them. (Be mindful that not all students can afford them, so be prepared with a few extras provided by the church.)

Upon entering the building for the event, each student will write their name on a tiny sheet of paper. Once everyone has arrived, a youth leader will mix up the names and randomly hand each person a paper with a name on it. If a student is given his/her own name, then give them a different name. When everyone who is playing has a name (other than their own), explain the rules of engagement for the assassins.

1. The name of the person on your piece of paper is your target. Your job is to “eliminate” them by shooting them.
2. A shot to the arms or legs counts as an injury, but 2 shots to an arm or leg counts as a kill. If you only get hit in the arm/leg once, you are still in the game all the way until you are hit again.
3. A shot to the chest or head automatically counts as a kill.
4. If you take out the person on your paper, you are to relieve that person of his/her paper and seek out THAT person.
5. If you do not know the person you are targeting, you are ONLY allowed to ask ONE adult leader who is not in the game for help in identifying who that person is.
6. Explain the boundaries for the game. (Will vary for each church, so establish them now and tell them if they venture past the boundaries, they are immediately out of the competition.)
7. When you hear the horn/siren go off, all players are to report to the meeting room (that you assign now) to see how many players are still alive and in the game.
8. If you are killed and put out of the game, you are to report to the meeting room at once, where there will be other games to play while waiting for the others to finish. (This helps everyone stay corralled and interested, even though they have been “taken out.”)
9. The last person standing is declared the winner!

Once the rules are explained, give students 30 seconds to spread out on the campus to get ready. When the 30 seconds are up, sound the horn/siren to begin the game.

Idea by Michael L.

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Comments on this post

   Devan         5/17/2016 7:43:47 AM

Thanks Josh! Looks like it will be fun.

   Thom         10/22/2014 11:29:52 AM

Has anyone run into parent issues with this being a violent game? I am considering this game but I don't know how my parents will react to it. If so, how did you handle the situation?

   billy         4/15/2012 4:14:38 PM

worked great for our kids, started out oring, but this really got them going, thanks for the great idea!!

   Josh Hoock         2/9/2012 2:08:12 PM

This is great. I had a guys night a while back and we did nerf wars. They were an overwhelming success. There are many different scenarios that you can do as well though. A favorite of my youth was "zombies" 1. Game starts out with two “zombies” they do not carry guns and instead "infect" the survivors by tagging them 2. Survivors have guns and can kill zombies by shooting them. One shot anywhere and the zombie is dead. 3. Once a zombie has been shot they re-spawn at a certain point; we used the church nursery; the youth had to come in count to 10 and then could go back out. Important to make sure that the re-spawn point is away from where the action will be. 4. If a survivor is shot they have to go to the re-spawn point and re-spawn as a zombie 5. Game goes until the last survivor becomes a zombie 6. Last two survivors become zombies for the next round Another fun thing to do is to create forts. I had just moved and had hundreds of boxes; and what is the logical thing to do? We made box forts then played capture the flag. It was a blast. It is just like any other game of capture the flag except if you are hit with a nerf dart you are out and the goal is to retrive the opposing team's flag and return it to your base before they do the same.


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